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May is National Salad Month

May is National Salad Month

Plan to share these great resources!

2017 has only just begun, but January is a great time for planning.  Safeleafygreens.org has some great resources for dietitians and nutritionists to use.  May is National Salad month, so it’s the perfect time to share information about the nutrition and safety of lettuce and leafy greens.

Let’s talk nutrition

Did you know that we have nutrition information for all types of lettuce and leafy greens?  We’ve got you covered from arugula to spring mix – and even specialty greens like kale, cabbage and chard.  The source of this nutrition information is the USDA National Nutrient Database.  We simply put combined all the information for you to easily access in a pdf.

Download Leafy Greens Nutritional Information >


Learn how leafy greens are grown

It all starts on the farm.  If your clients like farm to fork information, we have two resources to help them understand farming of lettuce and leafy greens.    The first is an interactive guide that shows 9 steps that go into moving lettuce and leafy greens from seed to table.  The second is a video that explains the basics of growing lettuce.

Watch the Farming Video


 Go to the Interactive Farming Guide >

Food safety at home

Food safety is an important part of nutrition.  So last, but definitely not least, we have some tips and tricks that consumers can use to keep lettuce and leafy greens safe.  There is a printable sheet as well as two quick instructional videos.

Download the Leafy Greens Food Safety sheet >
Watch the Kitchen Safety Tips video
Watch the Shopping Safety Tips video


Please help us to share this information.  Our goal is to make sure leafy greens are farmed safely so that consumers can eat with confidence.  Sharing these handy tools will help consumers understand more about healthy and nutritious greens.


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