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Dr. Oz Shows Viewers How the Lettuce Industry is Keeping Salad Safe

Dr. Oz Shows Viewers How the Lettuce Industry is Keeping Salad Safe

90% of us… don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.  I think not eating lettuce can be a bigger health problem than the occasional outbreak…

– Dr. Mehmet Oz

On Monday, September 24, over 1 million Dr. Oz viewers were able to hear directly from the people who grow, pack and ship their lettuce and salads.  The show is titled:  “Is Salad Safe to Eat Again? The Lettuce Industry Speaks Out.”  Throughout the episode, Dr. Oz provided his audience with access to the leafy greens industry in order to get facts straight from the source.

Several representatives from different areas of the leafy greens industry were guests on the show:

  • Scott Horsfall, CEO of the California LGMA
  • Natalie Dyenson, VP of Food Safety and Quality at Dole
  • John Boelts, Farmer and 1st VP of the Arizona Farm Bureau
  • Toby Amidor, Nutritionist and Food Safety Consultant

Scott Horsfall spoke one-on-one with Dr. Oz about the LGMA food safety program whose members in California and Arizona produce over 130 million servings of leafy greens every day.  They discussed some of the specific food safety protocol that LGMA members uphold and also talked about what it means to have a culture of food safety on the farm.

Dr. Oz also brought together a “Salad Summit” on the show that provided the audience access to talk to a panel that included a lettuce farmer (John Boelts), one of the nation’s largest lettuce companies (Natalie Dyenson), and a nutritionist and food safety expert (Toby Amidor).  Panel members shared with Dr. Oz and audience members about the ways they ensure that salads are produced safely.

You can click the links above to watch portions of the episode, or simply go here:  https://www.doctoroz.com/episode/salad-safe-eat-again-lettuce-industry-speaks-out